100% of your gift to BOOMTIME MINISTRIES goes to the production and distribution of BOOMTIME episodes. Currently BOOMTIME is being broadcast in more than 5 million homes nationwide. Bob and Archie do not receive any monetary compensation for their appearances on the show.  To make a gift to the ministry, please click the donate button above. (100% of your donation is tax deductible.)

You may also give using MustardSeed, a micro-giving platform. MustardSeed automatically rounds up credit and debit purchase to the nearest dollar and donates the proceeds to BOOMTIME MINISTRIES. Sign up for MustardSeed and join others in helping us spread the Gospel.

  1. Click the MustardSeed box above.

  2.  Link your credit and debit card(s) to your MustardSeed account.

  3.  Choose BOOMTIME as your ministry. 

  4.  Make purchases as usual. 

  5.  Your change is automatically donated to BOOMTIME MINISTRIES.

for more on how MustardSeed works, watch the video below.